Nov 23 2010

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Okay guys, I’m not a K-pop fan (as a matter of fact, I don’t know anything about K-culture, and cannot name any Korean pop cultural icons to save my life) but I think this is really something worth checking out.

The video is an entry for the 2010 MBC audition, apparently, a global YouTube competition by Korea’s National Broadcasting Network (MBC). but my point is - it got me curious about the guy, and man, is Eli one guy to watch.

In a competition where most of the other entries simply post home videos of themselves singing in the bath/bedroom, while trying as subtly as possible to read off lyrics or distractedly flipping their hair mid-performance, he blows the competition away by singing in a foreign language (that he is completely not trained in), all nicely presented in a pro-like MV. I mean, after all, the guy could’ve done this that would be right up his alley, but noooooo, he challenges himself. In a global competition at that.

You gotta give a man props for that sort of dedication.

And he hails from the Lion City! (which would also probably explain the zealousness in part)

Keeping it real with minimalist instrumentation, Eli keeps it fresh with his take on radio-friendly hits (my personal fave is the Madonna medley) with some powerful, original stuff of his own, never once compromising on the quality of his sound.

It’s clean, soulful and clearly demonstrates the guy’s mad pipes, talent and creativity. Admittedly, this video entry might not be the best out of his entire body of work (it ends pretty abruptly) but still, the dude clearly knows performing and entertaining is what he’s set out to do in life.

Before you dismiss him too quickly for his thick ang-moh accent, you gotta know he ain’t parading anything but his love for music - not even that swagger he got from living years in Toronto. Apart from those soulful pipes, he’s got skills and talent (he is a multi-instrumentalist, producer, composer AND performer who does almost everything behind his videos. whoa.) to power through any piece he puts his heart and mind to - i mean, seriously, the dude is singing in a foreign language! - you’ve got to give him credit for that!

If all that isn’t enough for you, then I’m not sure what is, cos I think he’s a true blue performer through and through in my book - and an underrated one at that. Though it seems he has worked with international and regional superstars, i.e. The Gorillaz, Wilbur Pan, Wang Lee Hom and even home boy, Taufik Bautisah, the Lion City remains largely in the dark about this powerhouse that is just waiting in the wings, ready to take this city-state (and the world!) by storm.

I give mad props for the fire and passion in this one!

(along with plenty of anticipatory hypes lying in wait till he bursts onto the scene!)

And of course, not forgetting, additional props for you if you support his MBC dreams! Click here to vote for him by liking the video (voting closes on the 27th!) or check out his work.


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